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Hello and good bye! The story of Lady Godiva is over - thank you all!

LADY GODIVA stands for cheerful songs, pub-sing-alongs and emotional ballads.
Foto live4 With tin whistle, mandoline, accordeon, charismatic vocals, as well as rhythmic tunes, powerful bass riffs and sliding guitars the lads from the "SAUERLAND" together now for over 5 years, combine Irish Folk, Ska, Polka, Country and Punk to produce a unique and rhythmic mix. The 7 musicians are as live as an energy drink and together with their blue tour bus have toured the length and breadth of the Republic, leaving behind sweaty, singing and dancing fans at festivals and clubs.
At their concert only one thing counts: Let`s have a great PARTY!!!

Even on their debut-CD "Whisky your the devil" (96), "Tales of kings and boozers" (98) and "Red letter day" (2001) you can't mistake the fun the guy's have. After 2 single-releases "the unknown-stuntman" (the soundtrack from Colt Seavers "The fall guy") and the latest release of the famous German X-mas song "In der Weihnachtsbäckerei" in the last 2 years, Lady Godiva is proud to announce that the new longplay CD "Zooperation" (2003) is now available in shops. As always Lady Godiva is on the road and celebrates their famous folk-punk parties all around the country.
This year - 2004 - the band is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a brand-new Live-DVD which will be released probably in early summer.

Until then you can catch LADY GODIVA live on the "ZOOPERATION" tour.

Counter since

line up
Andreas Beckmann vocals
Thomas Rünker tin whistle/vocals
Ingo Schwingheuer guitar/banjo/mandolin
Christian Eickel accordeon
Michael Schweineberg guitar/acoustic guitar/back vocals
Lars Schneider bass/back vocals
Thorsten Donner drums
Christoph Eggenstein-Deimel managment/merchandising